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To email a WFA Board member, click his/her name in the table below and fill out the form.

If you have questions about membership contact the Membership Coordinator.

For questions about dues, contact the Treasurer.

For general questions about falconry, questions about WFA itself or social events, or if you have ideas or suggestions for the club, contact your Director. If you do not know which directorate you live in, here’s the official map.

If you’re interested in beginning falconry in Washington, please visit, read, and download the official information available from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife first, read our Getting Started page, and then contact your Director for further assistance.

If you are a practicing falconer who has just moved to Washington, visit the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife WDFW falconry page to find out how to transfer your license.

For questions, suggestions, or comments about this website, or if you’re just not sure who you need to talk to, please contact the Webmaster.

If you are interested in joining WFA, please download and complete the application form, online or mail it along with your first year’s dues to the address written on the application form.

Board Members

Name Position Location
Brad Felger President Mt. Vernon
Janna Kellogg Secretary North Bend
Andrew Keresey Vice President  Oak Harbor
Aaron Smith Northwest Director Redmond
Ron Updegrave Central Director Moses Lake
Caitlyn O’neill Treasurer Arlington
Brad Wood Southwest Director Yelm
Steve Siebert Director At Large Yakima
Al Gardner Eastern Director Spokane
Caitlyn O’neill Membership Coordinator Arlington
Webmaster Webmaster Here
Clifford Kellogg Historian Fall City


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