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Dr. Mark L. Lowmiller Bio

In Memoriam
by Tim Ainge

I have the honor of writing Mark’s Bio for WFA.  Mark earned his bachelor’s degree at Dartmouth and an M. D. at Johns Hopkins Medical School.  After serving in the Army Mark spent the last 25 years in Seattle most recently as an Anesthesiologist at Swedish Medical Center.  Mark was recognized for his Orchids which he raised in his own greenhouse and was a prolific reader.  He also volunteered his anesthesiologist services to the Woodland Park Zoo and had some pretty funny stories about the big cats.  He raised national championship black Labrador retrievers and put that same passion into his falconry.  I got to know Mark while volunteering for the WFA Conservation Committee.  Mark always had a smile and was willing to help out the club.  We had recently been to lunch together on Conservation Committee business and then on March 11, 2005 he passed away from a heart attack.  In discussing this bio for Mark one falconer summed it up best, “Patient…..caring…..not so much into whether or not he caught something with the team, but rather taking in and enjoying the whole experience.  That’s what it’s all about, and I got the impression that nobody had to teach him that!”  At the next WFA Board meeting it was only fitting that the name of the Conservation Committee be changed to the Mark L. Lowmiller Conservation Committee.


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