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Membership to WFA is for 1 year (January 1st – December 31st)
Annual dues are $20 (waived if you are under 18 AND a Washington licensed falconer).

Please make sure that you complete your payment through the provided PayPal link (you do not need a PayPal account to do this) following your submission of the membership application. Your membership will not be processed until payment has been received.  If you have any questions about membership in WFA, you can email them to

You can also download and mail the membership application with your payment:
WFA Membership App


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  3. Join Using the Form above

  4. Hey Ammar,

    You should checkout this page for more information.
    See step #8.

  5. I was wondering how long it will be be for I get my login info? I got the letter and decal, but am unable to log on

  6. I’m interested in falcontry, how do I get started? I saw a golden eagle take down a small mule deer! Pretty cool!

  7. Hello everyone. My name is Pav. I just paid the yearly dues last night just to help offset yalls website costs and whatnot because Im not a falconer. Just getting into hunting overall this year, prior focus has been fishing and mycology. Really love raptors and have three kids 5 and under and we spend lots of time outside. We are headed to the library to pick up a few books on falconry and do not plan on getting any hands on experience any time soon due to us living in the city. Would be great to be able to come visit and check out someones mews and weathering yard or maybe a field hunt if that is possible. We have attended a handful of raptor displays/ shows in the last year and the kids dont get bored of them. We live in Snohomish county in Marysville. Saw some phone numbers for folks around here, but not sure if any of them are open to do a show and tell, so asking the community here. If anyone would be willing, my email is, lets chat! Thank you!

  8. Hello, I just joined yesterday just curious how long it takes for my account to activate? Thanks for all the helpful knowledge on this site.

  9. I will be relocating from a house to an apartment, can I still try to become a Falconer or are all my hopes and dreams up in the sky…

    Thank You any help would be greatly appreciated.

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