WFA Mission

Our purpose is to provide communication among and to all members; to promote scientific study of raptorial species, care, welfare and training; to promote conservation of birds of prey and an appreciation for their value in nature and wildlife conservation programs; to urge recognition of falconry as a legal field sport; and to…

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If you have a questions about falconry and you are not yet a WFA member, please read our Getting Started page, the WDFW pages, and then ask our Webmaster for general assistance. Members, your first line of assistance is your Director. If you do not know which Directorate you live in,…

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If You Are Being Inspected

IF YOU ARE BEING INSPECTED – make sure you immediately download and print out the inspection checklist. Inspections are not subjective; the point of an inspection is only to ensure compliance with all legal requirements, not to express or enforce personal opinion or preference.

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